Sizes of dinnerware and coffee set items

Sizes of Royal Copenhagen and B&G items

Dimensions provided for Danish porcelain items are generally not 100% exact when compared to the actual size, in part because the material shrinks between 12-15% after firing. To be sure you buy the right item when looking for replacements, it is always recommended to check the decoration and model number on the back:

Above you can see the decoration number (#1) and the model number (#572). The green Royal Copenhagen backstamp shows that it was made between 1889-1922 alongside the painter's number (#142).

Furthermore, small differences are not possible to avoid because items are handmade and therefore it is possible to observe differences between products made today, 50 years ago and 100 years ago. Please also note that many pieces are out of production.

Example: Blue Fluted Half Lace (Musselmalet Halvblonde)

#572 / 22 cm (Classic model)
Out of production - only available in antique shops

#1017223 / 22 cm (New full flat model)
Current model in production

#578 / 22 cm (Full flat)
Out of production - only available in antique shops
The most common plate model across the Blue Fluted variants (top left), a more rare full flat version (bottom left) and the current model in production (above).